Swagger Bagger

Image of Swagger Bagger

Tired of clumsy out dated bagging methods?

The Swagger Bag is a sorting screen that is also a bagger. The Swagger Bagger makes bagging up botanicals efficient and mess free. Simply attach a turkey bag to the funnel end of the unit using the attached velcro strap. Insert product onto the screened base in the hold of the unit then, using the hand holds on both sides, tip the unit up and pour product through the funnelled spout into the bag.

The bagging and packaging of botanicals is a time consuming and often messy task in the processing stage. This innovative tool serves to increase productivity and to make the work of bagging more efficient. Use Swagger Bagger in conjunction with Trimbag to streamline the trimming, sorting and packaging phase at harvest time.

The shell of the Swagger Bagger is made of plastic and it has a .25 inch mesh stainless steel screen in its base. Some assembly is required. The assembly is simple. Look for the video on YouTube to see it in action.